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Liquid Membranes

Liquid Membranes

Liquid Membranes is the ideal ready-to-use waterproofing compound. It provides a permanently flexible watertight membrane on floors and walls prior to tiling in shower areas, wet rooms and wet zones, and other areas subject to water exposure

It is important to note when  applying the liquid membrane you should adhere to the manufacturers guide lines as applying to thinly or to thickly can result in failure. 

Use the liquid membranes in conjuction with Izotex waterproof sealing tapes for corners and floor joints 


Aquashield Gel




Aquashield-Gel  is a liquid applied, ready to use, synthetic rubber based polymer dispersion which dries to form a seamless elastomeric waterproof membrane. The waterproof membrane provides a breathable yet water proof elastomeric barrier with crack bridging properties.

Aquashield-Gel is used to waterproof wet rooms such as shower areas, bathrooms, kitchens and sanitary areas in public and private buildings.

• Easy to apply single component
• Single application possible, reducing working steps
• Seamless waterproof membrane system
• Fast curing allows tiling on same day
• Excellent crack bridging properties
• Breathability allows release of trapped moisture

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