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Price List

All parcels will be sent to a  Parcel Access Point location, local businesses closest to the delivery postcode  

Collect them when it suits your schedule.

You’ll know that your parcel is secure and, with locations open during weekend and evening hours, you won’t have to rush or wait in 

If you wish to have parcels delivered to your address

Please add a note in the shopping cart 

The following delivery charges are added in the cart to your orders and are charged at cost value

Weight                      Cost

0.2KG to 2KG           £3.00

2KG to 4KG              £6.00

5KG to 9KG               £8.00

9KG to 18KG             £16.00

19KG to 27KG            £24.00

28KG to 36KG            £32.00

Above 37KG           £40.00

Add Voucher IZOTEXSAMPLE in the cart for 100% discount 

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